Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Straw Men

I have seen a lot of debates regarding the Constitution and attempts to chip away at it. The problem is that everyone simplifies the situation, and both sides rail against straw men.
The thing I keep seeing brought up is the Patriot Act. The argument goes a little something like this: you dislike Obama's gun control ideas, but Bush signed the Patriot Act. Well, there are multiple problems with this argument. First, disliking Obama's politics does not mean you liked Bush's politics. Second, most of us dislike the Patriot Act, too. A lot of us dislike anything that chips away at our freedoms.
Our side isn't much better, of course. I've seen people demanding that anyone who might've voted for Obama give up their gun rights, as if every vote for him was specifically a vote against firearms. I don't know about you, but I want everyone to have their rights.
Let's try, if we can, to look at the issues at hand, and debate the merits of ideas, not turn things into an argument about whose side is terrible. Career politicians are all pretty terrible, and our unwillingness to elect someone from outside the two primary parties makes it easier for them to screw the people, so let's try realizing that we, the People, have to keep the government in check, no matter which party is trying to gain more power than they should. Discuss the issues, the politicians' stances on the issues, and how to make the government better, not who voted for the right team.

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