Thursday, January 31, 2013

Washington universal background checks?

Here in Washington, some lawmakers are trying to pass a bill requiring background checks on private sales. The bill allows for a $20 fee from the local police or sheriff, as well as any amount the feds charge for actually conducting the check.
It sounds like a feel-good measure, requiring background checks. We have to keep guns out of the wrong hands, don't we?
In reality, though, it is both a tax and a registration scheme. Every time you want to give a gun to a family member, sell a gun to a friend, or trade with a fellow shooter, you pay to tell the police who is getting which gun. There is nothing in the bill prohibiting the police from using those applications to form a registry of privately sold firearms, and, further, enforcing it requires a registry. How else do you figure out who has illegally sold firearms?
As usual, the anti-gun crowd offers up a terrible scheme under the guise of safety. As with most laws, it'll only change the habits of the law-abiding, adding a burden to the upstanding citizen without preventing crime.

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