Monday, January 14, 2013

Biden's Meetings

With Biden's meetings, he gets to look like he's doing things, while stirring the pot. He talked with "gun rights groups" (and, honestly, they weren't the hardnose gun groups, like the JPFO), "video game industry representatives," and "entertainment industry representatives." The goal, as far as I can tell, is to create tension between these industries. And, of course, it seems to be working. The NRA is quick to blame the media, and the media's quick to blame guns.
Just. Stop. The. Blame. Game. The people who commit the acts are responsible. You might talk about the state of the mental health care system, the lack of parenting, or other such factors, but the goal needs to be stopping criminals, not censoring or banning.
As far as Biden's proposals, the magazine capacity restrictions and assault weapons bans are frustratingly ineffective, but he mentioned something even worse: "smart weapons." He wants biometric technology to keep guns from being used by unauthorized users. Not only would prices jump, but it would become a registry, as one would have to set the gun up, and transferring it to someone would involve a transfer of biometrics.
As a gun owner, gamer, and fan of media, I don't want to see any of them restricted. And, if we want to have allies in the fight for our freedoms, we all need to tell the government to stop legislating away non-problems.

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