Sunday, January 06, 2013

ARs and Price Gouging.

I've heard a lot of people decrying the "price-gouging" happening in the firearm market, and it really makes me wonder about market saturation and people's definition of price-gouging. If it isn't a necessary item, you don't have to buy it. You don't need an AR to survive.
Right now, many people are willing to pay very high prices for anything related to AR-style firearms, and the only way to keep the rifles and accessories available is to charge those high prices.
In the stores maintaining their pricing structure, people practically mob anytime there is a shipment, wiping them out in just minutes. Some of those people are turning around and profiting, others simply getting what they want.
If people are willing to pay those prices in order to avoid the rush, the product must be worth it to them. If it isn't worth your money, that's fine. If it is, that's fine, too.
I have what I need, and am willing to wait for or pay for what I want.

The really bizarre part, to me, is how many ARs are already out there, and how many people suddenly want one. If there's no ban, there's bound to be a lot of cheap ARs to be had.

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Anonymous said...

No AR15 for me;
A Bennellis shot gun
A glock 17
A runger 22 caliber rifle.
lots of ammo.

Jack Schitte