Tuesday, January 01, 2013


A big problem with any political discussion is that no one simply cares about a single issue. Some people want to lump the unrelated issues they care about together, which is natural, but self-defeating. If someone is on your side for one issue, but against you on another, don't keep them from taking your side simply because they don't have all of your beliefs.
A prime example, in my opinion, is the tendency of some pro-gunners to dislike gays. On one forum, I read a post in which someone tried to argue that anyone pro-gun should fight against gay marriage, so as to "keep liberals busy."
There are gays with guns, and others who might get guns if they felt more welcomed by gun owners. I welcome them to our side of this debate. I don't think many gun owners are advocating that gays not be allowed to own guns, but alienating them is a sure way to gain their opposition.
I do not like big government's excess spending, but I'll gladly let someone who is pro-spending help me fight for gun rights. Will I help argue for more government spending? No, but the two issues are not intertwined.
Let each issue stand on its own, and you may find more allies than you would expect. Who knows, you may convince your newfound allies of your valid points on other issues while you're at it.

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