Saturday, October 04, 2008

Blogging will remain sparse...

At work, they've decided to offer the "opportunity" for overtime. Translation: "We'll pay you overtime, just as long as you bail our asses out of the tight spot we've created by not hiring enough people." A stubborn, childish part of me wants to tell them to go screw themselves and refuse to work extra time. Another part of me, though, needs the money because the pay is terrible.

My boss has also decided that the behind-the-scenes work that keeps things going is not important enough for the overtime. He told me that the overtime should be spent working directly with the customers, not helping with the things that keep the feds from shutting us down. Now, I am well aware that poor customer reviews will hurt us, but they can't shut us down.

And those of us getting tired of working for peanuts aren't being offered a raise, just this temporary overtime. If only we weren't hurting financially, we might be able to refuse the extra time on principle. Then, they might actually see what we're worth.

But I doubt it.

In short, sorry I haven't been blogging. It'll stay sparse until we get a few more people hired again. Assuming we don't continue hemorrhaging employees at the pace we have been.

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The Dudleys - Craig & Lane said...

the sort of experience you write about here is what has caused others in the past to, gasp, create unions. republicans become commies when they discover the boss won't deal with them in a responsible manner. the boss will never become responsible unless forced to.