Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Reasonable? McCain? In the same sentence?

People seem so willing to believe McCain...

"All of Obama's big-name supporters are anti-Second Amendment activists like Mayors Daley of Chicago and Bloomberg of New York." Yes, we know that Obama is anti-gun, but why should we vote McCain?

"On the other hand, Sen. John McCain met with the National Rifle Association's Wayne LaPierre and pledged to support the Second Amendment and to appoint conservative judges to the courts whenever he has the opportunity." Oh, I see. Because he backpedals just enough to get some face time with LaPierre (who is more than willing to gut the Second Amendment himself), we're supposed to believe he won't keep trying to keep private sellers out of gun shows, and we're supposed to ignore his previous votes (only 4 of 15 were on our side, according to GOA).

"McCain's views are much more reasonable and just one reason I support him fully. I urge others to do so." I cannot, in good conscience, support McCain, nor even call his views "reasonable."

On the other hand, some people are paying attention and urging others to do so.


Hammer said...

I read the NRA interview with McCain and they didn't pull any punches.

McCain basically said he has learned a lot and will no longer infringe on gun owners rights.

I hope that is true.

Ryan the 2L said...

They said McCain is more reasonable. That is, more reasonable than Obama. I guess if you are going to vote, and are going to stick with the two party system, and love guns, voting for McCain is better than for Obama.

Drew said...

I hope it's true, too, Hammer, but I don't think for a second that he's suddenly a friend.

And, Ryan, I can't really disagree, but I can't really agree, either. I want to vote Libertarian, but we don't really have a good option there, either.

Just because he's marginally better than Obama doesn't make him good.

Ryan the 2L said...

No arguement there. I am voting libertarian so that we might get federal funding!!! Which goes againt libertarian ideals, but I am ok with that.