Friday, September 05, 2008

Jury Rights Day

I remember thinking as a kid that jury trials were a little odd, since the jury would be swayed by arguments other than the law. Well, I looked into it, and I began to understand. Jury nullification is an important part of our legal system, though many judges abhor it.

Today is Jury Rights Day, the anniversary of William Penn's jury refusing to convict him for preaching a Quaker sermon. The judge refused to let the jurors read the law themselves, as judges like to do, and the jury decided that they could not, therefore, find him guilty.

The jury was denied food and water, then thrown in jail, but they did not relent.

I just wish more jurors were informed.

(I may blog a little more on this subject after work.)


Hammer said...

People that pass out jury nullification information pamplets outside courthouses are often arrested, found guilty of contempt or charged with jury tampering.

Drew said...

Sadly, that's true.