Monday, August 18, 2008

Ratner's Rant

I hate to link to this, but it's just so insane.

"[...]the Supreme Court voted by a one-vote margin to uphold an imaginary 'private' right to own handguns." Oh, are you a Constitutional expert? Shall not be infringed means something different than we've thought? Oh, no, I guess you just don't like people who choose not to be sheep.

"Now the Harrold Independent School District in Texas will allow its teachers to show up for first day class with books, pencils, rulers – and six shooters." First, I don't think they're limiting them to revolvers, like DC. Second, they are actually requiring guns be carried by those they put through training. After all, there's no point spending the time and money to train someone, only to have them decide not to be equipped.

She then tries to be incredibly snarky, talking about students wearing kevlar and becoming an "infantry unit." A defensive shooting is far from a war zone. A teacher prepared to defend the students and staff does not cause mayhem and destruction, but a safe learning environment. But there's no way a panicked crackpot will see it that way, so I may as well just leave it alone for now.

"State laws usually allow people to defend themselves with lethal force if they have a reasonable fear of bodily harm from an assailant. If a student makes a sudden move to reach for a calculator in math class, couldn't this be construed as reaching for a weapon?" Y'know, I think I see why you're so afraid of this: you would construe everything as a threat, so you assume others do, as well. Yes, state laws generally allow lethal force when there is a reasonable fear of bodily harm. A teacher is accustomed to seeing students pull out calculators and such, and would not be as jumpy as all that. Paranoia does not suit you, Ms. Ratner.

She then tries snarkiness again, telling a story of teachers using shootings as learning tools. What they should do, in reality, is use the fact that they are carrying to help teach gun safety. Too many kids, such as your children, Ms. Rat, are no longer learning gun safety at home. If children respect guns and know how to properly handle them, they likely won't become as paranoid as you, nor will they have as high a risk of accidentally shooting themselves or others if they find the forbidden fruit.

"In all seriousness, this is just a first step in the decivilizing of America." Actually, it's been said that "an armed society is a polite society." You'll find, if you look into our history, that we become a less civilized country as we impose more restrictions, not as we remove them. We were once an armed, civil country.

"If the argument is true that we've had guns in this society since before it's founding, it's just as true that the idea of teachers arming themselves in classrooms would have left Washington, Adams and Jefferson stunned in disbelief." Okay, so you wouldn't find what I was talking about in history. Our founders were accustomed to being around arms, as were their children. The only thing about this that would stun them is that it isn't regular practice in all schools.

"When Jefferson designed the University of Virginia, I don't recall his plans including gun lockers for professors." No, as David Codrea has mentioned, Jefferson would've been shocked at teachers locking up guns. They'll do no good in a locker.

"Our society is becoming more beastly and worse, with official sanction." If it's "beastly" to protect children, I must be a beast. If it's "beastly" to want to stop attackers from killing me or mine, I guess I'm a beast. In fact, we could use some more beasts, I guess.

"It's beginning to resemble one of 'those places' in the Middle East or Africa where people carry AK-47s and settle their marketplace disputes accordingly." Somebody's been watching too many movies. In most of "those places," there is constant war. The guns aren't for disputes, but for actual battle. Also, in many cases, they are illegal in the hands of those groups without political power.

"I suppose it's easier to quell student outbursts with a well-placed head shot from a .45 caliber than actually having to deal with the kid – counseling takes too long and costs too much." Again with the attempt at snark...

"And since Texas parents can already carry guns, the whole idea of the parent-teacher conference takes on a new meaning." They can't carry them in schools, and even if they could, your dire predictions are similar to those voiced when Florida started issuing CC permits. And it's just as insane to believe it'll happen now.

Also, your comparisons to the "Wild" West are way off-base. The West was far less wild than we now pretend. High-noon shootouts, every gun being carried by someone itching to use just didn't happen that way. Sure, there were shootings, and they were generally outlaw-on-outlaw, rather than the murder of sheep in a crowded mall. Which time was really more civilized? I say it was the time people were armed. And I say we should protect ourselves, our families, and those children the state puts in our classrooms.

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Hammer said...

Well said. Ratner is an idiot.