Tuesday, August 05, 2008


When I got home today, my upstairs neighbor greeted me with "I heard WD-40 will take spray paint off cars." I looked at him for a second, went around to the passenger side of my car, where the word "loser" had been prominently written above my rear wheel well.

What does something like this hope to accomplish? If I don't know I'm a loser, will I believe it when it's painted on my car? And if I do, what good does a reminder do? If you're trying to advertise it to the world, a run-of-the-mill SUV really doesn't necessarily get linked to me, unless someone happens to see me getting into or out of it. Did the vandal know I was a loser, or was it just a guess based on the vehicle? I guess I just don't know much about the minds of vandals.

It turned out not to be too damaging, though. It was some sort of acrylic paint or something, and I was able to take it off with a rag and some dish soap.

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