Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not Surprising

The areas in Canada with the highest levels of gun ownership have the lowest levels of gun crime. It's the same pattern we've seen over and over.

"That's one gun for every 7.2 people, the highest ratio of guns to people of any province in the country." Well, it's far from ideal, but it's the best Canada has to offer, I guess.

"Statistics Canada's most recent numbers on gun crime also reveal the province has the lowest annual rate of victims of firearm-related crime in the country, with just 11.4 victims for every 100,000 people." Like I said, this doesn't surprise me. It's the usual pattern.

"Leyton was a vocal critic when the Chretien government initiated the long-gun registry. While he applauds some of the provisions of the registry, such as mandatory firearms training, he's still worried the registry is a mechanism for the government to eventually outlaw certain firearms." Canada already has severe restrictions on guns. Leyton is right to fear the registry--the Canadian government likes to restrict and control guns. If they know where they are, they know who to take them from.

On a positive note, the numbers show that the most armed areas in Canada are the safest. While we see these sorts of numbers a lot, it's great to hear them coming out of Canada.

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Ryan the 2L said...

This strikes me as overtly logicial. Strange.