Sunday, August 10, 2008

Iron Pig?

Groups such as the Hell's Angels and the Iron Pigs have a bit of a tendency to clash. When You put members of both groups in the same bar in Sturgis, things can go bad. In a recent case of this, an off-duty (read: vacationing) Seattle cop (member of the Iron Pigs) shot a Hell's angel.

He's been "detained" pending investigation of the incident. He's a bit outside his jurisdiction, so one wonders why he was even carrying a gun in a bar. Oh, wait, we don't wonder. He's an "Only One," subject to a different set of standards. After all, an off-duty cop having a beer is less intoxicated than you or I. Of course, several of his buddies will probably say he hadn't had a drop, anyway--he wasn't the only "Only One," nor even the only one from Seattle PD.

He and his buddies are on administrative reassignment and relieved of duty pending the investigation. This likely means they're getting paid to relax and wait for the conclusions of Seattle's crew of investigators. Sure, they might be a little anxious to get back to work; they do love their power jobs.

I figure there'll be little fuss over this. Just imagine the uproar if it had been the other way around.

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theotherryan said...

These cops (if they are the minority or majority is open to debate) that make the decent ones look bad and make us have great distrust in them all.