Sunday, August 17, 2008

Annoyances, mostly.

Some random things I feel like ranting about (warning: may not be coherent):

If you want to complain about the service you're receiving in a store, an employee doesn't want to hear it. Sure, you may be complaining about someone else, but the employee will be apathetic about it, at best. If the employee likes his/her job, s/he will want to avoid badmouthing. If s/he doesn't like it, s/he doesn't care what you think of the place.

Women's footwear bugs me. Sure, the strapped heels may look good with that outfit, but a sensible pair of shoes could look just fine and not destroy your feet. Don't you want to avoid deliberate destruction of your own feet?

Yes, I appreciate the fact that you want to share the noise pollution you call music. I do not appreciate the fact that you ARE sharing it with me. Please, don't rattle my SUV and my person with the heavy bass that's pumped out by your ridiculous stereo. It can't be good for your hearing, car, or heart rhythms, nor is it good for my nerves.

If you've been put in charge of a group of people, please don't rock the boat just for the sake of exercising authority. People don't like to be screwed with just because you want to be sure you're in charge. If you think you have to make changes, either find actual ways to improve things or make minor changes people won't ignore or be tempted to willfully violate.

If you're going to cut me off, treat me like "the help," or otherwise cause me problems, you do not have the right to get pissed at me over it. If you cut me off, don't yell obscenities and flip me off. If you're going to berate me because you screwed up in your choice of purchase, ask yourself whose fault it is.

Wendy's commercials bother me. They are simply annoying. I never thought anyone could ruin the term "meatatarian," but they have.

Finally, quit telling me that you don't think I, as a civilian, don't need a particular gun. Don't act offended that one of the available options seems scary and don't tell me that you'd never own it as a result. I, like many gun-sellers, would rather see fewer restrictions, not more. Also, if you bothered to learn about some of the guns, you'd realize their utility in situations other than resisting tyranny.

Not that the tyranny-resistance aspect isn't reason enough.

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Hammer said...

Spot on. Everytime I see wanna be gangbangers and wiggers pumping out that 130db bass in their cavaliers and focus's I snicker at their impending profound deafness.

Yeah..bill ruger once honest man needs more than a 10 round magazine. I never forgave the S.O.B.