Sunday, July 13, 2008


Over the few years I've called myself a Republitarian, I've tried to justify the term in different ways. At first, I didn't want to be considered "one of those crazy Libertarians."

The idea, I thought, was to not be so liberty-oriented as to just allow pretty much anything. The problem, though, is that I couldn't really think of any "reasonable" restrictions I could back. Sure, I dislike Scientology, but I don't endorse outlawing it. Just because L. Ron Hubbard created a huge con doesn't mean we should keep these people from letting themselves be duped. I think they enjoy it. I'm not into drugs, but it's hard to justify a continuous war on drugs while legalization would likely calm the drug problems down. It's incredibly hard for me to limit freedom of speech or the freedom to assemble, even for Neo-Nazis, Black Panthers, or any other unpopular group. Especially unpopular groups.

David Koresh was a little out there, but the government was incredibly wrong to lay siege to his compound in Waco. Every limitation on the right to bear arms, especially those biased against certain groups or social classes, has been wrong.

Heck, the only place I might disagree with the "crazy" Libertarians is abortion. I don't know when life begins, but I'm against one person taking the life of another. Also, our legal system can call it double homicide if a pregnant woman is killed, but that same woman choosing to kill the child is simply having a medical procedure.

Well, even well after I had realized I was a "crazy" Libertarian, I decided the term Republitarian only denoted my grudging utilitarian voting habits, which tend to involve holding my nose and voting for GOP candidates, even though I desperately want Libertarians to be widely accepted.

Now I simply cling to the term out of convenience. I haven't had this blog for so long I couldn't change, nor was I truly feeling like a Republitarian when I started it, but the alliteration made a good title, I thought.

It just wouldn't seem right to change it to Libertarian, and the URL would seem pretty out of place. Oh, well; we all know my feelings on liberty.


AlanDP said...

There is still debate about abortion among libertarians, I have found.

I don't see abortion as a right. I see it as a violation of the Zero Aggression Principle and an assault against the most helpless and defenseless people on the planet.

Hammer said...

I don't like abortion either but it's just like prohibition..making abortion illegal just drives it underground back into the coat hanger and back alley days.

It's one of those issues that has no good answer.