Friday, July 18, 2008

More governor race stuff

I heard a radio ad attacking Rossi, and I guess I hadn't realized just how hard they try to link him to Bush--against socialized healthcare, so he's like Bush; tried to decrease the transportation budget, so he's like Bush (yeah, I'm not sure why thinking the WA DOT is a financial black hole makes a person more like Bush, but whatever); he doesn't want to throw government dollars at stem cell research, so he's like Bush; anti-abortion, so he's like Bush.

In case you didn't notice a pattern, he's pretty much a typical Republican on several issues, so he's like Bush. Imagine, one Republican espousing many of the same party-line values of another--it's almost shameful!

Directly after that commercial was a Rossi commercial talking about how he's been the target of attack ads, and he is an above-the-fray sort of character. Never mind that it's mostly an attack on those who put out the attack ads: it's a pretty tame one. I don't think I caught the ads that were mentioned, since some of them had to be modified because they were offensive or slanderous.

I hope Rossi wins, since I'd like to see a smaller state budget, but I'm not holding my breath. If there's one thing Gregoire likely learned from the last time, it's that there are always more votes out there. She might even throw some extra boxes in off the get-go this time. Also, being the incumbent is bound to help her, especially among the groups that don't realize there's a connection between increased state spending and increases in the various fees and taxes they have to pay.

Also, I'd like to welcome the crawlbot from I noticed that there was no referring link from a search, and the only page hit was my post on the governor race. Most crawlbots at least have the decency to be referred by a search engine. Also, I'm not entirely sure why the WA Legislative Service Center is checking blog posts about the governor's race. If anyone's reading the compiled data, I'd love to hear what purpose this serves and how much it's costing the state.

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