Thursday, July 17, 2008

Governor race

I just had the local news running and heard something funny. Obama's wife was helping to campaign for Gregoire and had a very odd message. She told Washingtonians that we have something that works and shouldn't want to change. It's an odd statement, coming from the Presidential campaign that has based everything on change.

Gregoire has also decided to link Rossi with Bush as much as possible, since she knows there are quite a few Washingtonians who'll be turned away from anyone linked to Bush, and she certainly doesn't want to lose again. It was a lot of work for her to get her loss overturned last time. She said that Rossi's dog is even named Dubya. It's true, but only because of the story behind the dog. He told his daughter that she could only get a dog if the President told him to get his family a dog. She wrote Bush a letter and got a response--he said they should have a dog. Well, Dino Rossi is a man of his word, so they got the dog and named it Dubya in honor of the order from the President.

In any case, Rossi has little to no connection to Bush, and it wouldn't really matter--state politics are a different arena, and the biggest complaints about Bush are generally focused on the war in Iraq, which isn't really in the state's agenda.

On another related note, I enjoy hearing the ads against Rossi. They'll point out that he voted against healthcare for children, among other high-dollar items. If you don't want to face continually higher taxes, his position makes sense. The anti-Gregoire ads, on the other hand, seem more damning. They point out the money her campaign ended up with money from Native American casinos, and that she stopped non-Indian casinos from coming in. Sure, some people are anti-gambling, but it's hard to look at that and assume she just didn't want gambling in Washington.

Oh, well. I guess we'll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

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