Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I was in the mall today and a 17-19 year-old kid was in the GameStop (or another game store--they all look the same). I don't make a habit of listening to the conversations of others, but I overheard him getting upset that there was supposed to be a certain game coming out today. The store didn't have it in stock, and the kid was getting a little agitated. He kept repeating that the game was supposed to come out today and that he'd been waiting for it. The clerk then made the mistake of telling the kid that she thought the other stores in the chain got the game, just not this one. He started asking whether they had any in stock. I thought he was going to cry.

Eventually, the clerk refunded the money the kid had put down on the game and sent him to another location. This kid was ridiculously desperate to get some game on the day it came out, and I thought he would've broken down had he not been able to get it today. It probably wouldn't have bugged me so much if I thought it was an isolated incident. This kid was probably about par for the course.

Also, while I was shooting today, a couple came to the pit and started shooting a pistol. This is not abnormal, but they didn't seem to know anything about gun safety. They had one pair of earmuffs for the two of them, which all my readers should know is not proper safety procedure. They also couldn't seem to understand why I would stop shooting when they'd randomly decide to go out to their target. Sure, I wasn't shooting near them, but there are certain instances in which the range is cold--person(s) anywhere on it is a prime example. I'd like to think there was a time in which this was common knowledge.

Then, as if to remind me that things are headed downhill, the radio decided to play George Jones's song "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes," which just reminded me that no one's really filled the shoes of the folks he mentioned in that song. And, with the way our language seems to be drained due to the prevalence of texting abbreviations and the increased reliance on spell check, we won't have any outstanding lyricists in the foreseeable future.


Hammer said...

Yeah I've seen the video game dudes like that. Their life revolves around gaming and nothing else matters.

As for the shooting I try to calmly explain things to people who walk down a hot range.

Some people scream and yell and the new shooters never go again.

Drew said...

I don't scream and yell, but I do tend toward the passive-aggressive approach if I'm the only one affected. I'll lower my weapon and watch for them to get back. Some people (not many) get the hint. These people were even kissing near their target, so it was obvious my approach wasn't going to fluster them.
If there are others around, I'll tend to talk to people, since it risks worse situations then.