Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Coworkers and self-control...

My coworkers are a bad influence on me. I already have very little willpower when I find a good deal on an interesting firearm, and my coworkers urge me to buy things.
Normally, these are things like an Enfield jungle carbine, an Eddystone 1917 Enfield, or other interesting semi-historical finds. When I found that one of the XD-Ms was one of the first 5,000, the same coworker that urges me to buy the old military rifles told me that I'd better not pass it up. He has also tried to get me to buy a Kimber on multiple occasions, but I will not own one due to the fact that they continue to design firearms for California law enforcement (the SIS, in particular) despite those same LEOs keeping their subjects from owning similar firearms.
Today, I was looking at a used Taurus Raging Bull in .454 (I don't know why--I had actually been checking the case for a double-action .44 to go with my recently acquired Super Blackhawk) and a different coworker started telling me how much I'd love a .454, especially with the porting on a Raging Bull. It's a fairly good deal, at just under $600 for a nearly new .454, but I can't think of a possible reason for me to need a .454. And, yet, I put it on hold so I could mull the idea over.
I need a new job and some willpower.

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Hammer said...

I have been resisting the 454 casull. 480 ruger and the 500 smith for a few years now.

Nice guns but the practical part always gets me.