Saturday, July 12, 2008


Recently, I've been strongly considering getting a bow. My coworkers seem to assume it's for hunting, except for the one who has the same attitude I do.

I found a Reflex bow that seems pretty good. It has a tek riser (I think that's the spelling for these things), split limbs, sound dampeners in the limbs, a 70 pound draw, a quick-release quiver, and a decent fiber-optic sight. Until recently, I hadn't shot a compound bow, so the things like releases and attached quivers are new and strange.

Some of you may wonder what need I have for a bow. Sometimes, a quieter approach may be necessary. I may not end up getting the bow, since silence isn't a big thing for me. I just like options, but the bow will cost some money--arrows, a target block, arrowheads, a release, and, of course the bow itself.

I know and trust guns. I don't know bows, but I have no reason to distrust them. It could be useful, but I should probably focus on improving my supply of firearms, ammo, reloading equipment, and other accessories.

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