Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Under New Management...

They shuffled management at work recently, which brought a new manager to my department. At the same time, we're interviewing for a "lead" position, which he is conducting the interviews for. While I held my tongue in the interview, I know we'll butt heads. I dislike hypocrisy and corporate shills.

He told me that we would no longer have schedules posted in the department, since company policy states that the schedules are to be posted only near the break room. I wanted to ask him to justify keeping us in the dark, but I knew the answer: company policy. He's also big on making sure we stick to our assigned schedule. All well and good, except that we end up having to come in early and stay late in order to keep things flowing correctly. This is against company policy, especially if we get overtime. And, of course, some of the interview questions were things like my future in the company. I said I didn't have any interest in moving up to corporate and would rather stay in the store, which is true, since I don't plan on staying with the company long enough to go up the corporate ladder.

He's also a bit of a hypocrite. He said he didn't want anyone shopping for used guns out of the vault (a lot of our employees like to catch deals before they hit the floor). If it weren't for the fact that he was one of the first to grab one back there (before it was even processed), I might respect that.

I'll butt heads with him because I'm all for doing things that'll work for the store I'm at, not what somebody who sits in a desk in Nebraska might say. If there's no justification for a rule, why follow it? I just hope I'm not there long enough to really run into issues.

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