Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ear protection

I went out to the pit to shoot today, and when I arrived, I was the only one. After a little while, a couple young guys showed up with some ARs, AKs, and other similar guns, as well as a Sig 9mm and a Beretta 92. They didn't set up any targets, which was fine, since there's always junk to shoot at the pit.

I had only taken my XD45, my 10/22, and a newly acquired Ruger Super Blackhawk .44. That's not really the sort of arsenal that impresses that sort of guys, generally. These guys, though, really noticed the .44, and they wanted to try it. I let them, and didn't realize until they were shooting that they had absolutely no ear protection.

Now, it's better to have ear protection for 7.62, .223, and other rifle rounds, but it's not deafening if you forget. A .44 magnum revolver, on the other hand, is pretty darned loud. After I explained exactly what I meant by single-action, they tried firing. I think the noise made them jump and think the recoil was worse than it really was. With the Hogue grips on it, it's really a smooth shooter.

Luckily, I carry a box of earplugs, so I gave them some. I think they learned the value of adequate protection, but I can't be sure. Some people won't learn their lesson.

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Hammer said...

I'm paying now for the few times I forget hearing protection.