Saturday, May 17, 2008

Throw a fit, get a discount

I don't understand people sometimes. When you go into a chain store and tell the employee that another employee quoted you a price well below the company's cost, do you really think that the random employee will be able to nearly halve the price to meet that quote? And do you think telling said employee about your practices in your own business will get you what you want? Yeah, you can choose to take a loss. An employee at a chain store can't take a loss. It's not his loss to take. Finally, don't get upset when that person goes to find someone above him to figure out the best possible deal available. It's the only way you'll come anywhere near getting what you want.

The worst part is that other people will make similar scenes knowing they'll get to speak to managers. And they'll get what they want. Repeatedly. And they don't seem to feel even a little guilty.



AlanDP said...

From my several years working in a restaurant I learned that the customer is almost always, almost without any exception, WRONG.

We had some customers who should have been thrown out, but our manager would just lick their boots. I once told him, "Now I understand. Act like an asshole, get a free meal. I'll remember that for when I'm not working here anymore."

Collin Williams said...

I read a yahoo article yesterday about a couple who would often go on carnival cruise line and complain to get perks on their trip... then they started blogging about it to teach people who to scam the cruise line... anyway, they got a phone call and were politely banned for life from carnival cruises... it was pretty funny. You could probably google carnival cruise ban and find it.


Ryan the 2L said...

Its the American Dream... bitching and moaning until someone gives you something which you havent earned. I think, depending on your intrupretation of the constitution, it might be a right.

theotherryan said...

I would deal with that a whole lot differently if I was the manager. There isn't bargaining at big box retailers. I would be very apologetic about the "mistake" and inform them that the price is the price.

On the other side of the coin if someone can figure out how to get one over on a big corporation then more power to them.