Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I've been watching a lot of DVDs lately, and I had forgotten just how anti-gun some of them can be. The Lethal Weapon series really surprised me. I knew that it had been rather cop-sided, but I'd forgotten just how strongly they pushed the victim disarmament. Anti-gun and anti-NRA posters are often visible in the precinct, they blame guns when they get shot at by drug-dealing kids, and they even throw Pesci's character's gun off the boat in the 4th movie...and he's one of the non-cop good guys. That, of course, also violates his property rights, and is even worse than just keeping him disarmed, but they thought it would make a great gag.

I had also forgotten that Die Hard 2 perpetuated the myth that Glocks are "porcelain" and don't get caught by metal detectors. Sure, I knew that it was cops and bad guys that had guns in the DIe Hard movies, but at least the other good guys are given guns once in awhile (though the third one has Samuel L. Jackson's character fail to utilize it, but that's a blatant plot device).

Mind you, I know Hollywood's not really big on facing the reality of armed citizens, but they are big on appealing to any group they think they can profit from. What about those of us who choose to protect ourselves? With the ever-growing number of people who own guns, you'd think they'd see a market for it. About the only movies in which the non-cop, non-criminal citizen gets to be armed are westerns. And most of those are just about lawmen and outlaws these days, too.

Eh, I'd better just throw Tremors in...they may call Burt crazy, but no one questions his right to own his arsenal. Maybe it won't annoy me.


AlanDP said...

Have you seen Tremors IV? If not, watch it. Quite pro-gun, for a movie.

They make some mistakes, mostly anachronisms, but what the hey, it's just a movie.

Drew said...

Yeah, that's a good point. I actually have all four, and it seems like they progressively get more pro-gun.

Rob said...

88 minutes -- Al Pachino as a cop finds out that one of his female students has a gun. He wrenches is out of her purse in the middle of a crowd and lambastes her, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH A GUN?!? WHY DO YOU NEED TO CARRY IT?!"

I shook my head and was very glad that I didn't have to pay to watch it.