Monday, February 04, 2008

Presidential Ponderings

The more I think about the next Presidential election, the more annoyed and depressed I get. Ron Paul has been written off as a loon, Fred Thompson's not in the race anymore, Mike Huckabee isn't looking overly electable, and McCain and Romney are the GOP frontrunners. And, to make matters worse, Giuliani looks to be McCain's running mate, should McCain get the nomination.
On the Dem side, it's Obama and Clinton, both of which are incredibly repulsive choices. I would guess that the ticket will end up being the two of them, though they'll fight bitterly to decide who'll get top billing.

In other words, the two-party choices look incredibly bad. Some folks have talked of heading to another country should Hillary win, but there aren't a lot of good choices for that, either. The problem is that the Dems are looking to turn America into the same sort of place much of the rest of the world is. And that's not where I want to be.


Hammer said...

I couldn't have said it any better.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like neither of us want to be here no matter who wins.

As a die hard liberal Hillary frightens me more than GWB.

Obama's best quality is his lack of experience and his disconnect from the lobbyists.

Electing a black man with a name like Barack Obama would do wonders for repairing our relationships with countries in the Middle East ... even if it is completely superficial.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt McCain would commit political suicide by taking anything more than an endorsement from Giuliani.

Giuliani is probably the only one more corrupt than Hillary. And he's certainly more reckless than Bush. I mean, what other serious candidate couldn't even afford to pay their own staff?

It's still way too early to be talking about running mates.

Shrub said...

As one of the people who has considered temporaraly abandoning my homeland were it controlled by Frau Clinton I find myself wondering what other countries would be good choices.

I have concluded Texas must succeed stage an invasion of cooler climates such as Washington and take in (with a broad definition) political refugees.

The Moon Rulez

Lone Ranger said...

The only other country I can think of that is less chaotic than the United States is Switzerland. And they have some pretty tough immigration laws, which is WHY they are less chaotic.

Anonymous said...

This Lone Ranger guy is a real genius.

Ryan (RL-OR) said...

I would seriously doubt Hilldog and Obama will end up together. Obama having Hilldog as a VP would distroy his change motto, which is the only thing he is running on. Hillery doesnt want to have a VP who is more popular than she is. Her ego wont allow Obama to be on the same ticket in the end.

Drew said...

Ryan, you may be right about the reasons to doubt the ticket, but I see a couple of things here: Obama may well fold to pressure to include Hillary on his ticket, even though it's dangerous to his campaign (and, really, his life--she really wants this presidency, and I doubt it'd be the first body she's stepped over). Hillary, though she'd hate to admit it, might just gain support from a lot of important places with Obama as her running mate.

Ryan (RL-OR) said...

I would have to disagree. The loss is too great. It will rally a conservative base, which for the most part has been disenfranchised, and will seriously compramise his campain. McCain will have an easy job of picking apart his "change" campain. I wouldnt be surprised to see Edwards, or even Gore, but Clinton brings too much bad karma. She would be a liability, rather than an asset. I would expect that once Clinton is defeated, which is seemly how this thing is going to go down, she will actively support Obama, but as for being a part of it, I cant see the DNC making a choice that insane.

I could see Hillary bring on Obama, demonstrating that she wants to give him experience, and than pass the tourch onto him, but although you are correct that it would gain her some support, she would really being playing second fiddle. Again, Gore or Edwards would be a much better choice, which would rally the same support base which Obama would bring in, although it raises the same problems. I expect that Hillary, if she can pull this one off, will select a no name, kind of like Richardson, and try to win this thing on her own. For her to take on Obama there will have to be some serious reconcilation, and with the Dem race going to convention, I dont think that will be possible.

Anonymous said...


Thunder Pig said...

As a Republican with libertarian leanings, I can tell you that the Ron Paul Campaign died before it started.

You had idiots like this group, saying they were going to take over the party and kick the base of that party to the curb. Then they wonder why we fought them so hard?
Please listen to the two hours of radio linked on that page, and weep for liberty thwarted by these idiot pot-heads.

I miss reading yur posts, more, please.