Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some hunters...

I'm constantly astounded by the level of ignorance many hunters can exhibit regarding guns. AR variants are "people killers," handguns are useless, and the magnum calibers are the best thing in the whole world, no matter what you're hunting.

AR variants are commonly used by other hunters due to their adaptability. You see, changing the upper on an AR will give you the same trigger pull, the same feel, and the same controls while adapting the weapon for another purpose. The typical caliber, .223, is a varmint caliber, good for coyotes and such. And it's not the best for killing people, especially if you use military ammo. You see, the military isn't allowed to use efficient hollowpoints. FMJ rounds leave clean holes straight through a person, wounding them. And really, the Supreme Court has ruled that there are protections for weapons with military purpose, not those with a "sporting purpose," so military-style weapons (though not actually as functional as their military equivalent) should be more prevalent than hunting rifles.

Handguns, of course, are great for personal protection, since they are easily carried. That's enough for me.

As for the caliber stuff, I'm sick and tired of people telling me that the best thing for hunting everything from grouse to elephants is any sort of short mag. My .30-06 works for both deer and elk, but it's just not the "in" caliber these days. I don't tell people it's the only caliber to use, though. The short mags are good rounds, but that doesn't make them the only game in town. I know it's a minor thing, but it gets really annoying. Not quite as annoying as the insistence on .300 ultramag for deer and elk. That's just unnecessary.


theotherryan said...

Some people are more concerned with having the new "in" gun so they can keep up with the hunter down the block then actual effectiveness. Some rounds like 30-30win and 30-06 are going to be prevalent regardless of the coolest newest round out there.

AlanDP said...

I am always surprised at the astounding levels of ignorance displayed by some who call themselves gun owners. I don't know how many times I've had to explain and re-explain (sometimes to the same person) the difference between a double-action and a single-action.

I suppose gun owners are just like everyone else: lack of real knowledge makes you more prone to hop the latest bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

This is most reflective of the type of people who choose to own guns. It really just adds to the case for stricter gun control. In a perfect world we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Hammer said...

Jeff Cooper once said that every hunting caliber invented after 30-06 has had the sole purpose of keeping the firearms industy afloat.

I don't mind people looking for more performance but they shouldn't knock everyone else.

AlanDP said...

Anonymous, check your medication.

It's not reflective of anything. Gun owners have silly arguments about nit-picky things just like everyone else. That's just how people are.

Drew said...

Thanks, Alan. As Alan noted, Anon, you find people arguing no matter what. There are idiots. There have always been idiots. There will always be idiots. And as long as there's something to argue about, people will compete to have the best, even if they have to redefine "best" to do it.
And, Hammer, good comment there. I had forgotten all about Cooper's stance on the issue. Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

I'm just noting the higher concentration found here. You guys might not be idiots, but I'm sure you've bumped into a few.

Believe it or not, I've spent enough time in gun shops to have formed an opinion.

An idiot with a gun is much different than an idiot without.

Drew said...

Given preconceived notions, one will find a higher concentration of idiots where one wants to find such. If I think all school teachers are idiots, spending time in a teacher's lounge will give me plenty of examples to back it up.

An idiot is an idiot, no matter where you run into said idiot.