Tuesday, January 08, 2008


It's funny to hear the reactions of my coworkers to any number of stimuli.

One employee looked at an AR and remarked that there should be a waiting period on it like WA has on handguns. I told him that I figured there should be an IQ test for general existence. He didn't seem to notice that I was directing the comment not toward customers, but him.

A political discussion somehow began, and I made a comment about being a libertarian. A fellow employee made a comment about how libertarians want to control people. I was too busy with other stuff to give him a basic political lesson...so I just kind of outlined the simplest basics.

Another employee (a very nice guy, mind you) is under the mistaken impression that you can't open carry with a round in the chamber. No matter how much I show him about the law, which he seems eager to look at, he keeps returning to his mistaken belief.

On a more directly work-related note, I also have at least a couple coworkers who'll try to pawn off customers on me because it's "10 minutes to quitting time." They don't appreciate it when I refuse to take over until they actually have to quit. You see, I'm also doing things, and I generally end up stuck at the counter until AFTER my quitting time. All I ask is that you do whatever you can do to help the customer, then quit at your assigned quitting time, not in time to have a smoke or two before you clock out.

Oh, also, not being a manager means that my coworkers should not clear things through me, be they breaks, price negotiations, or procedural issues. I know that there's nothing I can do to stop this, but it's annoying. If I got the manager pay and perks, I'd have no problem with it. I don't, so I'll whine about it, but still answer your questions and okay your breaks. So this one's just because I'm stupid enough to let it happen.


Hammer said...

It's always frustrating to me the unsubstantiated and ridiculous ideas people have about firearms.

Everytime someone finds out I'm into guns they are like "Gee how did you get those registered"

Thye watch too much law and order.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you need a job that isn't so beneath you. Perhaps your interactions w/coworkers and clients would be more favorable.

Drew said...

Oh, the registration question comes up a lot. Luckily, though, my coworkers understand that we only have de facto registration through the record-keeping, rather than actual registration. The customers, though, are always concerned with how to change the registration and such...
As for a job that isn't beneath me, I'd have to say that no job is really beneath anyone. I'm fine with doing what needs to be done. Eventually, I'll go to grad school, assuming my plans pan out, but I'm not above doing whatever work I find until I get the education to do what I want to do. My interactions with others will likely be unfavorable at times no matter where I am. My manager, like you, wonders why I'm not somewhere else, since I have a college degree and whatnot, but I'm not complaining. Well, I am, but not in a "I need out" way.

theotherryan said...

I believe that it was Winston Churchill who said that the best argument against democracy is a conversation with the average voter.

Anonymous said...

More. Give us anything!!!

Ryan (RL-OR) said...

First off... Smoking breaks are very important. I would encourage those who work with you to leave an hour early, in order to truely understand the joy which is smoking. Second, if you were a manager, getting all the perks and pay, you would still bitch. You dislike dumb people too much to stay quiet about it.

Anonymous said...

What kind of "perks" do these managers get? Paid vacations? Health insurance? Maternity leave?

It's funny, in the US we call those "perks" but in the rest of the free world those are basic rights.

It's a little backwards isn't it? Especially considering you work just as hard if not harder than your superiors. You pay your taxes, follow the rules, yet are denied what should be basic human rights.

But I suppose that's the American way, isn't it? The illusion that hard work will translate into some form of success.

You're doing a good job. Just work harder. Isn't that what the communists said too?

Drew said...

Actually, the managers get a bit MORE vacation, a bit better discount, and a salary rather than an hourly wage. We all get paid vacation, health insurance, and other things that some claim as "human rights."
I've seen what some of these managers do, and I wouldn't really want to trade places with them. They earn their wage and their benefits.
As for basic human rights, I'd have to say that a paid vacation is a luxury, health insurance is a personal responsibility (and it should be a personal choice as to how much insurance and what kind of insurance a person needs--Cabela's gives a couple options, which is nice, but still may not fit everyone's needs), and a manager earns more because of the added responsibility, even if the workload may not always be higher (but often is).

Anonymous said...

Once again, you've won (parts of) this battle.

Fair enough.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but health insurance should not be a personal choice. It isn't for the millions of uninsured. Medical care is a human right not a choice. But you and I both know that the US isn't exactly known for it's stance on human rights.

And for paid vacation I was making comparisons to the rest of the free world which scoff at our two weeks vacation and our 40+ hour work week. But those are minor details, really, when you look at all of the other wonderful things they have that we don't. Like democracy and something more than a two party system.

I just wish people would pull their heads out of their asses and see how fucked up this place really is.

And yes, if I had my choice, I would not be living in this country.

Drew said...

You know why the American healthcare system rocks my socks? It works. You see, whether someone chooses to pay health premiums or not is a choice. Whether they choose the high-deductible plan or the low-deductible plan is another choice. Whether they cover accidental injuries is yet another choice. When it's all said and done, a person has really shown their health priorities. With my stubborn unwillingness to go to a doctor for anything that doesn't seem life-threatening, I don't use my insurance much. The guy who goes in for every little cough uses his a lot. In your everyone shares the bill society, he and I are equals in the health plan. In the American system, his constant use of the doctor will cause his rates to increase. Eventually, he may get some Nyquil instead. In your system, he continues to visit the doctor, and we all pay for it, both in monetary ways and by waiting far longer than necessary for necessary procedures.

Human rights pretty much stop when they start being divided equally. Let's say that the right to freedom of speech is divided equally. Everyone gets an equal share of media, in which they can say what they want. Important messages fade into the background.

Our vacation and workweek are decent and honest. Idleness has its place, but it should be taken sparingly.

I'd ask what's stopping you from moving to another country, but I don't really care. You're not going to move, and you aren't going to stop bitching.

Anonymous said...

Once again, you've totally missed the point.

You're just repeating what they want you to repeat.

Another product of the failed system.

Do you think the working poor choose to be uninsured?

Wouldn't you like to see your tax dollars used on THIS country?

Anonymous said...

I also want to be clear that I don't dislike you or think you're an idiot or anything of the sort.

You have certainly opened my eyes a bit to another point of view on the topic of guns.

I know we will never convert each other. I enjoy reading your blogs and trying to understand your point of view ... no matter how twisted I may find it. ;)

As for immigrating to another country it can be incredibly difficult to do so w/out marring someone or having a desired trade like being a doctor or a commercial diver.

Drew said...

Y'know, telling me I'm parroting a point of view really makes me want to point something out about your side of the argument, but I think you already see the irony. Go to any college campus and see what's being drilled into students' heads.

As for seeing my tax dollars used, I'd prefer to see my money stay in my pocket. Heck, I might give to charity more often. As it stands, I've been without health insurance. And I've been there because it didn't look like I could afford it. But a system that costs money forces people to prioritize. People who can't afford not to work won't get regular checkups, insurance or not. Those who can afford to miss a few days will clog the insurance system. Look at Canada. Veterinarians can care for animals immediately, but a person needs a surgery and they're on a waiting list for a couple months (or longer).
Believe it or not, I don't just listen to the crap I'm fed, be it from Michael Moore or Bill O'Reilly. I talk to Canadians. You know what Canadians do for health care if they can afford it? Many of them come to the US.
I don't make a lot of money, nor did I come from money. I work retail and my dad drives a log truck. It's funny how I've known people who were dirt poor, and it's the rich kids I met in college who whined about the plight of the working poor.