Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Some hunters...

I'm constantly astounded by the level of ignorance many hunters can exhibit regarding guns. AR variants are "people killers," handguns are useless, and the magnum calibers are the best thing in the whole world, no matter what you're hunting.

AR variants are commonly used by other hunters due to their adaptability. You see, changing the upper on an AR will give you the same trigger pull, the same feel, and the same controls while adapting the weapon for another purpose. The typical caliber, .223, is a varmint caliber, good for coyotes and such. And it's not the best for killing people, especially if you use military ammo. You see, the military isn't allowed to use efficient hollowpoints. FMJ rounds leave clean holes straight through a person, wounding them. And really, the Supreme Court has ruled that there are protections for weapons with military purpose, not those with a "sporting purpose," so military-style weapons (though not actually as functional as their military equivalent) should be more prevalent than hunting rifles.

Handguns, of course, are great for personal protection, since they are easily carried. That's enough for me.

As for the caliber stuff, I'm sick and tired of people telling me that the best thing for hunting everything from grouse to elephants is any sort of short mag. My .30-06 works for both deer and elk, but it's just not the "in" caliber these days. I don't tell people it's the only caliber to use, though. The short mags are good rounds, but that doesn't make them the only game in town. I know it's a minor thing, but it gets really annoying. Not quite as annoying as the insistence on .300 ultramag for deer and elk. That's just unnecessary.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


It's funny to hear the reactions of my coworkers to any number of stimuli.

One employee looked at an AR and remarked that there should be a waiting period on it like WA has on handguns. I told him that I figured there should be an IQ test for general existence. He didn't seem to notice that I was directing the comment not toward customers, but him.

A political discussion somehow began, and I made a comment about being a libertarian. A fellow employee made a comment about how libertarians want to control people. I was too busy with other stuff to give him a basic political lesson...so I just kind of outlined the simplest basics.

Another employee (a very nice guy, mind you) is under the mistaken impression that you can't open carry with a round in the chamber. No matter how much I show him about the law, which he seems eager to look at, he keeps returning to his mistaken belief.

On a more directly work-related note, I also have at least a couple coworkers who'll try to pawn off customers on me because it's "10 minutes to quitting time." They don't appreciate it when I refuse to take over until they actually have to quit. You see, I'm also doing things, and I generally end up stuck at the counter until AFTER my quitting time. All I ask is that you do whatever you can do to help the customer, then quit at your assigned quitting time, not in time to have a smoke or two before you clock out.

Oh, also, not being a manager means that my coworkers should not clear things through me, be they breaks, price negotiations, or procedural issues. I know that there's nothing I can do to stop this, but it's annoying. If I got the manager pay and perks, I'd have no problem with it. I don't, so I'll whine about it, but still answer your questions and okay your breaks. So this one's just because I'm stupid enough to let it happen.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Customers and such

Sorry about the prolonged absence. It turns out that the new rule about there being no overtime just means that those above me will make ME work all the overtime. And I'm the sort of sucker who agrees to it.
But I do have a few random short diatribes related to and addressed to customers.

If you're looking for a part for a rare gun that's been out of production for many years, why would you call a place that doesn't even stock parts? I know you're desperate, but the only way you'll find the part is desperate internet searching. On a related note, don't ask me to special order you a gun that's no longer in production. I can't convince them to make some more, no matter how great it may have been.

I know you want to handle all the expensive guns, but that guy next to you knows what he wants and will actually buy it. I can't help him, though, if you're going to keep making me hand you every gun in the store.

Also, I don't care if every other customer's touched that display gun. They didn't break it. They didn't scratch it. It's tough. You don't need either a discount or one fresh from the factory. If we'd had one in the back, we would let you have it. You want the last one. That means it's popular. Buy it.

I understand you want help right away. So do all the other customers. And there are only so many gun salesmen. You will have to wait.

I don't care if you're a dealer, cop, or even a fed: when I ask you to fill out a certain form a certain way, I'm not asking for you to tell me what our policy SHOULD be. If you can't spell things out or don't think that the DOL was right when they told us we have to consider black powder revolvers the same as any other handgun, you don't need to buy the gun from us. I'm not just making things up to punish you.

No, I don't know everything about every gun, cartridge, and scope we have. If you'd like to figure out the velocity of this bullet out of that barrel, buy a chronograph, the ammo, and the gun. I will not know it offhand.

I cannot cut you a deal, be it throwing in a holster or cutting the price. We don't mark them up all that much, so the deal is the price. I'll throw in anything the gun came from the factory with, but that's it. Also, I'm working at a chain store. I don't have the authority to do a whole lot of wheeling and dealing.

Yeah, that used gun's price is high. It has a low serial number/rare marking/other feature. If that doesn't mean much to you, look at a cheaper used gun.

When your buddy gets delayed by the FBI, you can't buy the gun instead, no matter how far you drove. That's a straw purchase, and we can't know whether he'll be approved, so we have to figure he might be denied. We can ship it to an FFL in your area if you can't manage to be in the area in about 3 days.

Finally, I know you like to talk. Talk to a fellow customer and you'll be far less likely to anger the guy who's waiting for you to stop talking to me.

If just half of the problem customers would heed these diatribes, we'd still have a hell of a lot of people causing trouble. But it'd be better.