Monday, December 03, 2007

My new toy

I'm not sure if I still have any readers, much less a reader who knows anything about 1911-A1 values, but I could use a little bit of help. I recently acquired a GunSite custom Springfield 1911-A1. It looks as though it's seen very little use. When I picked it up, I noticed the custom guide rod, night sights, brushed feed ramp, and very little wear. The rosewood (I think) GunSite grips just made me think it had been owned by a fan of the company. Once I took possession of it, though, I noticed the GunSite logo on the slide and on both mags (which are also numbered I and II).
I have no idea of the value of it, except that I got it for less than it's worth. I'm considering selling it, but I don't want to ask too much or too little. Also, I do like the gun, so this interest in selling it is something that may pass when I figure out the value.

I would've posted pics, but I couldn't seem to take any that turned out well--the logos glared up, the details didn't show, and I just am not a photographer. Sorry.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Yet another long conversation

Well, it's been over a month, but I now have at least one day off each week, it looks like. And I conveniently have something to write about.

Last night, my roommates decided to have a party. And it was a dressy sort of party, so I took off my XD and put on some dress clothes and my new 1911. It's my dress gun, I decided. Well, this drew the attention of those already used to me carrying, as well as those who were new to it (who were a surprise to me...). Of course, a few people had to see it, so I unloaded it and let folks look at it. One girl thought it was a "pretty" gun, while one guy freaked out as she held it. I didn't give him a second thought, since she pointed it in a safe direction and double-checked to see that it was unloaded.

Later, after he'd done some drinking, he insisted on confronting me about my choice to carry. His argument kept revolving around the "fact" that he's a second amendment guy, but he doesn't see a need to carry a pistol. He also said that he'd been on the wrong end of one before, and it's the scariest thing he figures he'll ever see.

He decided to explain to me that seeing the hammer back on the 1911 made it look like I was ready to snap and kill someone. I, of course, explained that A. the 1911 was designed to be carried that way and B. any gun you carry should be carried in a ready condition.

The argument he gave against this was based on his fear of a cocked hammer and the way cops carry. This threw me off a bit. I reminded him that cops generally carry with a round in the chamber, and he told me that his brother-in-law was a cop, so he "knows" that they don't. At that point, I really knew there was no arguing the point, since he was going to be damned sure no matter what I said.

Every time I tried to make a point, he'd tell me that he knew I wasn't going to snap, but that's the way it looked to anyone who didn't know me. I would then point out that I'm generally friendly and have really warmed some people to the idea of guns, and that the natural response to any fear of me snapping would be to arm others. That way, the threat could be neutralized much more efficiently. His response, of course, was that those people weren't going to arm themselves.

Finally, after 45 minutes of patiently explaining gun rights and preparedness, I finally asked his opinion on property rights. He failed to see the correlation until I pointed out that I wasn't going to do anything in his home without his permission, but that I was not going to ask his permission to carry in any manner I please in my own home. If he is uncomfortable with it, I'm not forcing anyone to come over (in fact, I'm not even encouraging it, truth be told).

I don't know if he'll come to any parties my roommates host from now on, and I don't really care. Most people who show up learn to accept my sidearm, and I don't even really like the guy. Wasted about an hour of my life talking to him, and walked away knowing that he'd probably never accept what I was saying, but at least he should know that I'm not going to give on this.