Friday, October 05, 2007

Quick household lesson

Do your dishes come out of the dishwasher with food still caked on? Do people recoil at the odor around your sink? Are your dishes and silverware degrading at an accelerated pace? Do those you live with avoid doing your dishes at all costs?
Then you might be my roommates! I might need to learn to rinse.

Seriously, is rinsing a lost art these days? Did no one have parents? How the hell hard is it to look at a dish that still has crap stuck on it and realize you haven't rinsed it. Well, the past few roommates I've had seem to have trouble, so here's a handy little guide:

Step 1: Scrape any largish chunks of food off of the plate and into the garbage. A chicken bone should not be left out on a plate or put in the sink.
Step 2: Get the dish to the damned sink. This should easily be a given, but I have found that it's an easily missed step. And when you miss this one, you miss all of them.
Step 3: Run water over the dish, knocking off a lot of the smallish food debris that you missed in step one. You know, a little gravy or whatnot.
Step 4: Contrary to popular belief, this is not the time to leave some water in the dish and hope for some pixie magic. If there's anything not quickly knocked off by water, scrape a little or grab a sponge. Because I know you're not going to run the dishwasher before that crap dries on thoroughly.
Step 5: Either wash by hand or throw it in the dishwasher. And you're done! You have successfully made your residence a little less gross.

Now, by no means am I a neat freak. I have a lot of clutter, much of which I should just throw out, but clutter isn't gross. It just kind of makes me look even more lazy than I am. Seriously, though, who can't figure out that putting water into a bowl and letting stuff float around in it is disgusting? (My roommates, apparently.)

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