Friday, October 12, 2007


I think I'm going to be sick. Al Gore apparently has a Nobel Peace Prize under his belt now. I didn't realize they handed them out for lying to the public and trying to induce hysteria.

You know his damned supporters will start throwing out the fact that he was awarded this prize. I can see it now:
"You do realize that NASA corrected the data, which now shows that the 1930s were the hottest decade on record, right?"
"Well, why did Gore when a Nobel Peace Prize, then?"
"That's irrelevant. His data has been proven flawed repeatedly."
"Do you have a Nobel Prize?"
"Also irrelevant."
"I believe the guy with the Nobel Prize."
"And I believe that you're going to be in intense pain soon."

I had already figured that it was kind of a joke at times when Carter got one, but I had hoped that was some sort of fluke. That hope is now broken.

As for the article, it doesn't surprise me that the NY Times would so readily pretend that this doesn't demean those who have actually deserved recognition.

It's kind of funny, though, to read such passages as "author of dozens of works from short stories to science fiction" (about the winner for literature). I wouldn't really consider this a range of fact, I've read enough sci-fi short stories to believe that it's possible for this range to encompass the smallest variety I've ever seen encompassed by this sort of wording. You can't really define a range by a style and a genre...Were it defined as sci-fi novels to historical short stories, it would encompass something. Oh, well...the Times can't be bothered to actually learn about writing anything other than propaganda.


Hammer said...

Mr Nobel is spinning in his grave.

Anonymous said...

Blinded by your disdain for all things moderate and to the left, you've failed to miss the point once again. While many of the facts are debatable, it's impossible to not notice that something odd is going on. The Chicago Marathon stopped due to heat in October? Cherry blossoms in January? Record floods, snow and storms? Gore is certainly not my favorite politician (too moderate) but his message is important even if it might be too little too late. At least these "lies" and "distortions" aren't responsible for tens of thousands of deaths.

Drew said...

Hammer, I agree with you, as usual. It's sad to see his name affixed to this.

Anon, as I've mentioned before, Gore's lies are meant to induce mass panic. Panic is never the proper response, even if the data showed something actually happening.
NASA, as you may have heard, corrected the glitch in their data that made it appear that we had just experienced the hottest decade on record. That honor now belongs to the 1930s.
As for the odd weather patterns you've mentioned, it happens from time to time. This past winter, Texas was hit by colder conditions than usual, but I'm not crying global cooling.
Gore whines about global warming because he likes attention, and inducing mass panic will get him that. So many factors are missing from the analysis: What about the extra CO2 processing that will come with the tiniest increase in sea levels? How about the natural warming and cooling of the earth? Could that explain a lot of this? (Hint: yes).
There are a lot of other unanswered questions, but this is just a comment, and they deserve at least a full post.

Anonymous said...

So it's entirely possible that the exhaust coming from my Hummer isn't doing anything bad at all?

BobG said...