Friday, October 05, 2007

Luck and such

My luck is like a pendulum that just can't be controlled. It's ridiculous. Something good happens, something bad happens, good, bad, good, bad, etc.

In the past week and a half I had the following random luck:

At work, a new position seems to be opening up, creating upward possibilities.
My muse wanders off.
I start going out with an amazing girl.
Said amazing girl decides she jumped back into relationships too soon, so we should just be friends for now.
The day after that shock, she decides she wants to do something Saturday.
Then she decides to bring a friend.
Cabela's offers me a halfway decent job at the gun counter as Special Order Specialist.
I'm starting to get sick.

Now, mind you, I know that some of this is actually within my control a bit, so it might not seem like luck. Since I believe luck and fate are intertwined thoroughly with free will, I just count it all the same. Although I leave out stupid crap like punching something hard enough that I think I have a broken knuckle. Because that's just me creating problems for myself.

I'm fairly certain that there's a miniaturized version of me somewhere in the dark reaches of my mind, flipping a luck switch on and off trying to figure out which light it turns on.

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