Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lessons I'll never really learn

I've learned (relearned, in most cases) a few valuable lessons today.

1. When I start to think things are going downhill, I should trust my gut instinct. Telling myself that I'm just a pessimist just gets my hopes up.
2. I should not punch objects that are more durable than my fists.
2a. As far as coping mechanisms go, experiencing physical pain doesn't help as much as one might hope.
3. I should really think things through before sending emails to folks.
4. Going out and about doesn't actually keep my mind of things. It only distracts me for fleeting moments.
5. I know quantum mechanics, literature, guns, history, etc. I do not know a damned thing about people.
5a. Trying to figure people out just makes me end up being an idiot.

I'll try to post something better soon. Maybe it'll have to wait 'til tomorrow, though.


Hammer said...

I leave the figuring people out thing to the psychologists. Cooling off periods for Emails is a very good idea.

Drew said...

I don't even trust psychologists to actually figure anything out, personally. And the cool off for emails is good, but actually thinking them through is even more important.