Friday, October 12, 2007

Lacey CItizen's Academy

A friend of mine is taking a citizen's academy from the Lacey Police Department. Most of it sounds as though it's the basic stuff--watchful eye, mark your possessions, write down serial numbers, etc. Apparently, though, they recently discussed guns.

I groaned when he told me this, then let him tell me what he had learned. They apparently went over the difference between automatic and semi-auto, as well as the difference between centerfire and rimfire (not the sort of thing I would expect). They learned how to unload a gun and check the chamber.

Best of all, they learned that open carry is legal in the state of Washington. Sure, it's only one cop that was telling them this, but the fact that he did so means that Lacey PD is coming around. He did, of course, make a comment about it being the "Wild West" around here, which leads me to believe he's not happy with open carry, but he admitted that it was entirely legal.

He also mentioned, according to my information. He talked about how the group is fighting to make open carry a socially acceptable choice. My friend was surprised that he'd mention that, since I was the only person he'd ever heard of it from before that.

Sure, it's not going to stop people from being shocked by my gun, but it means I'm less likely to end up forced to fight a legal battle over it. It's a start.

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