Friday, October 05, 2007

Evolution of the Ramblings

Hammer's post of the blog evolution meme got me thinking. I haven't been running this blog for all that long, but it has changed in many ways I wouldn't have guessed. When it was over at Eponym, I mostly did commentary on news stories posted by others. I felt like I was doing something by analyzing them more in-depth than was probably necessary.

This one started mostly because I had a friend looking to get into blogging, and it started out as mostly reposts of stuff I put on Eponym, but it didn't get updated too often. And my friend posted about three times before he lost interest and willpower.

When Eponym stopped providing a free service, I renamed this one (it had been Republitarian Rants before, but I always liked this name when I was on Eponym). It slowly became a place where I did commentary on the broader issues rather than specific news stories.

Well, that only lasts so long. It soon became commentary on political issues based on personal anecdotes. Pretty soon, the personal anecdotes were becoming less political. Now I just rant about whatever.

I wonder if I'll hit the point where I start talking about my childhood. I doubt it, since it was kind of boring, in my opinion, but we'll see where it goes from here.

I won't tag anyone, since I just kind of stole the meme. But I definitely encourage you to steal it like I did.

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Anonymous said...

To be fair, I lost my internet connection, as well as my job where I had hours of nothing to do. That said, if you ever start ranting about your childhood, I will personally come to your house and Trout Slap you.