Monday, October 08, 2007


I sometimes read MSN articles if they happen to catch my attention. My favorites are the ones that give dating tips psychologists offer. Not because they're useful, mind you...they are full of such inane and worthless minutiae.

If you want to know whether the date's going well, these articles say, watch where the other person puts her/his jacket, look at foot angles and positions, watch for leaning over or straightening up, and check where they've chosen to sit. If they've got a drink to stir, are they stirring the same way they would if they were alone?

Whatever happened to just going with the flow? Do we really need to watch feet, stirring, and hand positions? Can't you just ask whether the person would like to see you again?

Ah, well, it still kind of amuses me, and I get bored. I guess these articles serve a purpose.


Hammer said...

That article has to be the biggest pile of malarkey I've ever seen.

Seriously, online web articles need to be processed through a BS filter before publication.

Drew said...

Yeah, but if they actually processed these sorts of articles, where would I find such amusement?