Sunday, September 09, 2007

Which guns to ban?

You know, the gun grabbers always look for a way to appease some gun owners while banning the favorite weapons of others. I figured I'd try to help them find some guns they could actually ban.

Automatics: Though they're already all but banned (can't get new ones and the existing ones are prohibitively expensive), I'm pretending we're starting from scratch. These are the sorts of weapons that would be effective in fighting tyranny, which puts them in perfect line with the intent of the Second Amendment. Constitutionally, then, these should be some of the most protected guns. Better not ban them.

Semiautomatic "Assault Weapons": Well, it's a lot of work to define these, especially if we want to allow "sporting" rifles. In fact, the gun grabbers can't even agree on the proper specs to define "assault weapons." Most of the features they tend to want to ban are safety features, anyway. Better look for something else to ban.

Handguns: While we could separate autoloaders and revolvers, let's face facts: handguns, in total, are concealable and portable. This makes them the perfect defense against street crime. It also makes them the weapon of choice for thugs, but law-abiding citizens need some means of defending themselves, especially the often-targeted elderly and women. The handgun is the perfect equalizer: linebacker or little old lady, you can handle a gun, and a gun will eliminate the threat posed by either.

Semiautomatic "Sporting Arms": Well, if we can't ban semiauto "assault rifles," we can't really ban something that provides the same function but looks friendlier. And banning semiautos as a group is really a huge leap. It would affect hunters, militiamen, and many people's home defense weapons. Can't risk alienating that many groups, now can we?

Bolt Action "Sniper" Rifles: We'd get the hunters angry, as well as those who would have a large caliber rifle for homeland defense. And, since sniper rifles would be effective in a fight against tyranny, we run into the same problem as banning autos.

Black Powder: Well, these aren't really "crime" weapons, and historians love working replicas of old weapons...and hunters like the challenge they can bring. I guess they're out.

Whoops, I guess it's hard to justify any bans on weapons, isn't it?

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