Sunday, September 30, 2007


It's funny how quickly some perceptions can change. School has been in session for about a month. The freshmen here found out that I openly carry a firearm around two weeks ago. At first, a lot of them were either a little afraid of me or they wanted to know if I was packing wherever I was.

Now, they just know I'm a gun guy. Some may avoid me, but it's largely a non-issue. They've realized that I'm not too violent, nor am I crazy. It has lost the novelty, and it has lost the scare factor.

I'm kind of proud of myself. I don't generally have much patience when I'm around idiots, but it paid off to go ahead and play nice. My perceptions of some of them have also changed, of course. I figured some of them were the sort who'd be against me forever, and it turned out they were fairly open-minded, and all they needed was exposure to gun owners.

Overall, while there are a lot of things I know I won't ever agree with them on (flat-billed ball caps, piercings, etc.), I know that they aren't going to end up being as much of an annoyance to me as I had expected. I also found some of them that I would actively choose to be around. On a moderately related note, I examined my thoughts on age gaps for dating and adjusted them, too. But that's not really the sort of thing that belongs in this blog, I figure.

I'll try to write something better soon. I need my muse to return, though.


AlanDP said...

Flat-billed ball caps?

Drew said...

Yeah, they don't curve the bill on 'em around here these days. I have no idea why they can't seem to understand the simplest bits of hat design. The bills are supposed to be curved, in my opinion.