Monday, September 03, 2007

NRA, gun guys, and lunacy

Over at Keep and Bear Arms, they linked to a "Gun Guys" article that bashed those who don't kneel at the feet of the NRA and willingly allow rights to be whittled down to nothing.

Of course, they first have to pretend that the BATFE is in the right in their attempts to shut down Red's Trading Post. They make reference to The Gang as a "black helicopter" film and accuse all supporters of Red's of being unstable loonies.

Then, they point out that some of us yearn for the ability to buy military weapons, since those are the most effective for fighting tyranny. They quote Aaron Zelman of the JPFO and then make comments to the effect of dismissing full-auto weapons and cannons (used as historical reference) as being sheer lunacy.

We are accused of trying to "out crazy" the NRA, and are dismissed off-hand. Now, the "Gun Guys" have never been our friends, mind you. They have a banner ad for a site called "" at the top of their pages, and they fight for more anti-gun laws. They aren't "gun guys" in any sense we would expect around here, but the surprise here isn't their opinion, but the responses on Keep and Bear Arms.

There were a few who fed everyone lines about the NRA being the "premier gun rights organization," as I hear so often. I expect that sort of thing, so it was a minor annoyance. The ones that got me were those who said that those of us unhappy with the NRA shouldn't go to other, less negotiating organizations, but should pay dues and be voting members.

Here's where I have to draw the line. They don't get to use my money to negotiate which rights they'll give up for me. The NRA, believe it or not, is not the only group out there that claims to fight for gun rights. There are others that do so and don't feel the need to give some of them up to preserve sporting firearms and whatnot. GOA, JPFO, and various other groups fight for the SECOND AMENDMENT, not "reasonable" gun laws. The NRA may be the name people remember, but they'll need to start offering a real service before they'll get my dues.


Hammer said...

I belong to multiple organizations.
None are perfect.

The NRA serves it's purpose and is probably one the main reasons we still haven't had all out registration and confiscation.

However, being a political type body, they are prone to compromise and every time they do that we lose a little.

Drew said...

You're probably right, Hammer...I can't afford multiple organizations, so I'm pretty picky.