Saturday, September 01, 2007

I don't do groups

I really can't deal well with people for extended periods. Especially groups. They put me on edge and tend to do/say stupid things.

Last night, I went to a get-together with a group of people. It was set around a campfire. I don't look directly at campfires, mostly because it compromises my ability to see my surroundings. I think I was the only one there who didn't stare into it, and I was asked why I worked to avoid facing directly into it. I answered honestly, and everyone looked at me funny. They then asked, "what, is a bear going to come eat us?" I explained that nothing was overly likely, though we had seen others drive by and take a good look. A little too good.

Then there was the kid that was trying to start crap. He even admitted this intention. I don't anger easily, but I did warn him that if he started a fight, I was prepared to defend myself however necessary. This sort of response generally calms these sorts of guys. He told me "if you pull a gun, I'll beat the sh*t out of you." At one point, he pulled out a knife, so I grabbed my gun (I didn't have to draw, though--glad the guy was sitting when he pulled the knife, since people get a little upset if a gun is drawn). He put it away, but he was still talking crap about how fast he could run and how I'd miss because ".45s are so inaccurate."

Then, shortly before I left, a guy threw linoleum onto the fire. No one's quite sure how it got into the pile of palettes, but it was not the sort of thing we should be burning. He apparently couldn't tell the difference in weight and texture between linoleum and plywood.

Yeah, I had to leave before there was some sort of actual trouble. I honestly knew better than to go in the first place, but I didn't expect quite the sort of idiocy I found. Next time I'm around a campfire in the woods, it's not going to be around a bunch of damned people.


Hammer said...

Those type people are sadly all to common these days.

What a bunch of fools. glad you didn't have to ventilate that creep.

Mr. Oblivious said...

You've never heard the truism about groups of people and the lowest common denominator theory?

It basically boils down to this: any group of people will take on the general characteristics of the biggest dimwit in attendance.

While it isn't universally true, it's correct more often than it isn't.

Rob said...

A gun is only as inaccurate as its sights or shooter. I wouldn't want to be him if I came at you with a knife, that's for sure... Gotta love people who are asses.

Drew said...

Yeah, I've run into the same thing with groups, Mr. O. And, yeah, gun beats knife most of the time, Rob. But I'd hate to have to kill the idiot, especially with all those folks around.