Saturday, September 15, 2007

Groups again?

In the ongoing saga of my experiences with people, my roommate invited people over again. I had my XD45 on my hip, as usual, and some of the people were the same ones who'd been over for the barbecue.

One of them, realizing we weren't out in public this time, asked if he could see the gun. Somebody gasped as I unholstered, dropped the mag, and racked the chambered round out. There were murmurs of it being not only loaded, but cocked. "Can I cock it?" "Well, you should work the slide anyway, since you should always make sure any gun you've been handed is clear." "Can I pull the trigger?" "Well, since I know it's clear, as do you, point it in a safe direction." He happily pulled the trigger, much to the chagrin of a girl who thought it was cute to cower. He handed it back, somebody else wanted to see it, and people realized I wasn't going to hurt them. The questions started rolling then.

"Why do you carry in the safety of your own home?" "How do I get a concealed carry permit?" "How much did the gun cost?" "Have you ever had to use it?" "How do door-to-door salesmen react?"

They were coming pretty rapid-fire from around the room, so it was hard to even finish answering any of them. The first and last, though, are worth some discussion.

I carry in my own home because you never know what will happen, because it's more convenient than having all my guns upstairs, and because it feels natural to constantly have a gun on. People who wear their gun more of the time are less likely to feel awkward when they carry publicly, and are less likely to leave the gun at home all the time.

As for salesmen, they react to the way you treat them, not the gun. I've had them joke about me shooting them, I've had house alarm guys use it as an in, saying that I care about safety. Other alarm guys give up easily, since I cover my home security needs. I've never had any of them really put off by my gun, mostly because I'm a generally friendly guy.

I don't know what point of view the group walked away with, but I'm pretty sure that they went away with a more positive view of guns than they came in with, even with me a little stressed about so many people in my home.


Bob S. said...

Good work on keeping your cool and answering questions. It is situations like this that will help keep our 2nd amendment rights.

Thanks for being one that stands up for what is right.

Drew said...

I always try to keep my cool, since I know we need ambassadors. Thanks for your support.