Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another reason I don't do groups

You may remember my little story about a campfire incident. Well, I left out the part where I'm living with a member of the group that put the event on. Well, they wanted to have a barbecue, and we have a house with a little park out front. I wasn't asked, but given about 20 hours of warning that they were going to be there.

Fantastic. Not only did I not really want some of them to know where I live, I definitely didn't want a bunch of people wandering into, out of, and through the house. One friend suggested I set up a TV outside my room and watch with a shotgun across my lap. Since I have stuff I don't want them touching in various places in the house, I opted not to just stay upstairs.

Idiots or not, I tend to openly carry my XD45 in a Serpa holster. This barbecue was no exception. As people arrived, they could not seem to resist yelling things like "he's got a gun!" across the little park. Oddly enough, no one called the cops after hearing those yells, or the cops knew to ignore such things.

I, of course, was met with questions regarding the legality, purpose, model, etc. of the gun on my hip, and some of them thought it was a good joke to constantly reference it. "Betcha can't hit that kid from here." "Dude, you should play football with us." "Hey, nobody will try to tackle the guy with a gun." I mostly just stood around and watched everyone and ate some of their food.

Late in the event, one of their members came in his army fatigues and immediately asked "Are you carrying your gun?" Since he was looking directly at it and I was tired of people (also, he's pretty against the carry of guns, and I've had numerous head against the wall discussions with him), I said, "No, it's an optical illusion." "Is it loaded?" "Yeah." "It's even cocked, isn't it!?!?!" "Yeah." At this point, someone told him to stop freaking out about it, but the kid couldn't seem to see the problem.

Another kid went and sat on a porch a few doors down, which I hadn't noticed until a woman opened the door and asked him why he was there. He talked to her for a second, after which she went back inside and he sat back down. She is attractive, so he then kept trying to badger those of us living here to tell him who she was (I didn't know, but I wouldn't have told him, anyway).

Luckily, none of them messed anything up too badly. A frisbee (not mine, of course) is probably lost in a neighbor's yard, and a few cars had frisbees and footballs hit them, but no real damage was done. I do think that my roommate may now know that I don't really welcome this sort of event. I'm just glad that I didn't need to go anywhere during it, since I would've had to load up at least all my guns (though they weren't supposed to go to my room, I don't trust these guys to not go mess with my guns).

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