Thursday, August 16, 2007

Troops begin using slingshots

This woman, according to the original caption, is holding up bullets that hit her house. The obvious conclusion is that our troops have misplaced their rifles, and have resorted to the use of thrown cartridges. Wait...maybe they've made slingshots. In any case, they are trying to make do without their rifles, I guess.
Oh, then you correct the caption to mention that they are unspent cartridges. Thanks, AFP. You also leave out the earlier claim that the bullets hit her house. And you moved the photo, probably in hopes of convincing certain folks it was gone. You don't mention where the cartridges may have come from, either...staged by the photographer, perhaps? He couldn't have been an innocent party to this, I would guess.
Suitably Flip has an as-yet unreleased photo that will be the big AFP photo sometime soon. They'll then slowly make the corrections, including "an unused grenade, like the one that..." and "(Puppy enlarged to show detail.)"
Seriously, though, can they be so stupid as to believe that no one would pick up on the obvious propoganda?

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