Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Scott Thomas recants

Looks like Scott Thomas may have been making it up, as others had guessed. I wonder how much longer the New Republic will keep this up. If it's down, don't worry. It's just the letter that they printed from Scott Thomas Beauchamp, affixing his name and credibility to the lies.

I'm glad that the MSM picked up on this story, at least a little. I had kind of figured it would be completely drowned out. Mind you, it's not a very high-profile story, and it is Fox News, but it's on the MSM radar, at least a little, even if they got it straight from the Weekly Standard.

I don't have much to say about it. He's a slimeball and a traitor, and I'm sure he's of little to no use to the guys he's serving with. I hope he doesn't end up getting some of them killed.


Anonymous said...

It's getting better considering members of his platoon have confirmed his reports.

Why didn't you join the military?

Drew said...

I'd like to see your sources. I tried googling for these members of his platoon, but I found no confirmations of anything he's said.

As for why I'm not in the military, it's mostly because I wouldn't adapt well to that life. I considered it, but I wouldn't be all that productive there.