Sunday, August 12, 2007


People do not seem to understand the idea of rights.

You have no right to anything of mine. I don't care if I make more money, or don't seem to have earned something, you cannot take it from me. This includes things the government is handing out. You don't have a right to welfare or any other sort of forced wealth redistribution. If you are on welfare, get a damned job. If you've been kicked off of it, don't cry about the government taking your "rights."

You DO, however have a right to refuse a warrantless search or bring in your lawyer. No matter how many times you see it on TV, you are not admitting guilt by refusing a search or lawyering up. You are doing the smart thing by not giving up your rights.

You don't have the right to be comfortable. If I make you uncomfortable by wearing a gun or saying something you disagree with, leave (or spout your opinion back at me). Your discomfort does not eliminate my rights. Likewise, if you are making out in public or whatnot, it isn't trampling on my rights, even if I don't want to see it.

You do have the right to voice your opinion. Just remember that everyone else can give theirs, as well, and they may not agree with you. They are not infringing upon your rights simply by exercising theirs.

You do have property rights, as well. You may lay down rules regarding my behavior on your property. Remember, though, that I can lay down the rules for my property. If my rules aren't suitable for you, you may leave. Also, just because I enforce rules on college property does not mean I can change them. And, no, it is not public property just because you want it to be. The campus can set rules, and we can tell you to follow them.

You do have the right to bear arms. This, however, is not a right to hunt. If you talk about the right to bear arms, please don't tell me that you're all for hunters being able to have rifles and shotguns.

Finally, remember that rights are non-negotiable and should not be regulated. We should not have restrictions on speech, guns, religion, or any other rights. We should not give up one right in a vain attempt to protect another or for any other reason. And you definitely don't have the right to ask anyone to give up any of their rights.

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