Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Recycling and such

I was party to an interesting conversation the other day. The subject was recycling laws. One of the two people really involved in the conversation thought mandatory recycling would be fantastic. She was annoyed that we didn't have it. She did not, however, like the idea of it being part of the garbage bill. She wanted it to be a tax, so that she "wouldn't notice it as much." This same person has a problem with a fee for wastewater treatment being in her water bill.

Okay, mandatory recycling means pawing through my trash, trying to separate everything, since there's no thought given to only recycling those things that actually yield productive results. It also means paying extra for that privelege. I have no problem with the idea of reducing, reusing, and recycling, but I shouldn't need to separate things into separate trashcans that don't even recycle well. And I certainly shouldn't pay for that privelege. Hell, good recycling should pretty much break even by selling the products of said recycling. I remember collecting cans as a kid and getting paid for them (not much, but I was just a kid). Why can't they recycle things that will break even?

As for the payment options of a fee vs. a tax...well, we all know I love to see where my money is going. I hate hiding the bills. If I'm oaying for recycling, I want to know how much it costs. If they hide it in sales taxes, I'm still paying. I don't like to have to track down which portions of which taxes go to which programs.

As for the wastewater treatment, it makes sense to bill for that. It's a service that is being provided, and it costs money.

I just can't understand where some people get their opinions.

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