Monday, August 20, 2007

Pres. Candidates on Guns

Joe pointed me to this. It's a pretty good grading system for the Presidential candidates' stances on guns.
As expected, the Dems didn't fare too well, nor did some of the big-name GOP folks. It's useful info, even if you pretty much expected as much already, and any time someone else does my legwork is a good thing.


Hammer said...

I was surprised at Fred Thompson, it seems everyone was telling me how pro gun he was even though he is only 60% on the issue.

Drew said...

Yeah, his record is shaky, but it's still better than McCain or Giuliani.

I just keep hoping that Ron Paul's support will be enough to give him a chance.

I had seen the GOA stuff on Thompson, and I really didn't like that he was on the bandwagon for the GOP passing of restrictions to avoid a larger ban, though the anti-gun votes outside that time frame are even scarier. Also, though, some of his anti-gun votes aren't necessarily as anti-gun as one might think. One in particular was a vote to end a filibuster. All in all, though, he is hardly a big gun rights person, and it's scary to think that he's possibly the best option that looks likely to make it.