Friday, August 17, 2007

National Exercise Your Rights Day

I'm a bit slow to get on top of these things, but August 28th is National Exercise Your Rights Day. Buy some ammo, targets, a holster, or a gun and show the Brady Bunch that you're looking out for your rights.

This was offered by both War on Guns and the Firearms Coalition came up with this counter to the Brady Bunch's plans for the day. Over at Blogonomicon, Alan makes a good point...don't just blog about it. Write the local paper. Talk to the folks at your neighborhood gun shop(s). Try to get the word out beyond the blogosphere. It may look like everyone is on board, but there are a lot of non-blog folks who'd gladly support this.

I don't have the cash to buy a gun, but I'll pick up some handgun ammo and maybe a new target stand. It'll be nice to have the sales numbers go up during the Brady Bunch protest.

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