Thursday, August 16, 2007

McCain's one man show

It's funny to watch the McCain folks trying to put positive spin on his failing campaign. When you are arguably the big dog in the beginning, then can't even keep the campaign bus fueled up, it's hard to say the campaign is "exactly where this whole campaign should have been all along."

I never could see exactly what made him a frontrunner from the get-go. Yeah, he's pro-war, which got him some support, but he just never made a palatable candidate in my opinion.

The Reuters article they link is really bending over backwards to make him sound like a viable candidate. They speak of him falling behind Giuliani and Romney as though he's in a near tie, even though they also say he's pretty much down to a one man campaign, without the money to keep his "Straight Talk Express" bus on the road. They also say that he's hoping for gains in the fall.

Fall is nearly upon us. McCain is relying on a report on Iraq progress to bolster his support. When that doesn't work, will he bow out graciously, or will he try to battle the powerhouses? Fred Thompson looks to be the candidate who'll run the show as soon as he makes it official.

McCain is done. He may not know it yet, but it's over. He can call straw polls meaningless, but it's hard to argue that a 10th place finish for a one-time frontrunner is nothing. And his fundraising shows that he really needed that straw poll to help him out.

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