Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Letter to the local rag

Well, I actually heard back from the Olympian regarding the letter I wrote them about August 28th. They claim that they tried to call, but I have not had my phone ring. I'll be calling them tomorrow to get it all straightened out, and maybe they'll even print it.
Or maybe they'll make a big show of telling me they don't have room to print my short letter. I don't expect too many folks to read it, but it'd be nice to get it in there.

UPDATE: I called in. They had apparently decided they didn't need to dial my area code. They couldn't tell me whether my letter would be printed, but they said that it was marked ASAP, which meant that it should be printed within a week. Apparently, the person I talked to didn't even glance at the letter, since August 28th is quite obviously time-sensitive. I guess I have to actually watch the paper for it, since they also couldn't send me a courtesy email telling me when/if they would print it.

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David Codrea said...

Good job--be sure and send me the link when it's posted so I can tell people about it--or if they cheese out, post the letter here and send me the link...