Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lead poisoning

I was browsing WikiHow again (I know it was a dumb idea), and I noticed that one of the gun articles claimed that lead poisoning was a big risk at indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, so you should go out to the desert to shoot. I changed it, but it really made me wonder what kind of person can't put facts together.

He or she went so far as to say that once or twice wouldn't be a big deal, so you shouldn't worry about it if you've gone, just don't go to the range often. There are many competition shooters who spend a LOT of time at the range. Or how about the range masters? Do either of those groups constantly suffer from lead poisoning? No. Why, then, would the author of some Wiki article think that lead exposure is such a risk that you shouldn't even go once a week?

Then again, this particular article was "How to Become a Gun Expert," and it included a brief description of revolvers, autoloaders, rifles, assault rifles, and shotguns, followed by a list of common handgun calibers. He hadn't even defined SA, DA, or SA/DA, though he used them a few times. It was useless, mostly.


Hammer said...

I knew a couple that had high lead levels from badly ventilated indoor ranges or from bullet casting fumes. It's not all that common but the lead from exploding primers is about the biggest risk if concentrations are allowed to build up in an enclosed area

The risk is often overstated.

Drew said...

Yeah, I guess I'm understating it a bit, since all the reputable indoor ranges I know of are well-ventilated. And I don't know of an outdoor range without proper ventilation.

Tom said...

I cast my own bullets. Reckon I should be demented or dead by now if the worrywarts were right.

Drew said...

I really should start doing some bullet casting. My grandfather does his own, and I sometimes get a bag of his reloads, but it seems like it could be both fun and cheap to cast bullets.